Friday, July 15, 2011

Outfit/Face of the Day + Soon to Come

Another outfit post, but this one has more variety. My makeup was done with the Naked palette again (so easy to travel with, I'm being boring and have only done my makeup with that lately). It's just a strong shape with browns and gold, nothing too special. When I'm back home, I think I might take pictures of each step for a picture tutorial on a basic neutral eye.
Outfit- I liked this a lot, it was hot outside and I had just gotten the shirt. I'm not a huge fan of shirts tucked into skirts anymore, but I like shirts tucked into shorts. The next post I want to do is a montage of pictures + tips for dressing a petite body. Finding clothes was so difficult for me for years because of my height (5'2") and proportions. I thought it might be helpful for somebody, I can't be the only short girl in the world :)
Shirt- thrifted from a consignment store, $4
High-waisted shorts- American Eagle, $30ish
Belt- thrifted, $4
Necklace- Lia Sophia, unsure of price
Shoes- I don't remember the store name, but the brand is called Breckelle's, $20
My hair was different, I'm getting tired of the same thing, so I did a middle part, waved it with a straightener and pinned the sides back.
Anklet (hard to see)- a gift shop, I really should have written names of stores down... $5

I'm still an awkward poser, sorry! I need help with how to not arrange my body in such weird ways. Oh, and on how to open my eyes.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! :)



  1. Do you use the Naked palette from Urban Decay?

  2. Yes, and I love it! :) If you'd like, I can do a review of it.

  3. Ahh you should. I've been wanting that one SO much, but a couple other products got in my way :p