Saturday, March 26, 2011

Accent Nails

Such a cool look! And yes it really is a look! Some of my favorite ways its been done:

Its so cool with the glitter. I want to buy some glitter polishes.

This one looks kinda messy but I think its a cool idea with the Crackle Glaze.

So cute! I loved it so I tried the look myself. This is how it turned out.

The lighting is really bad and the pictures didn't look blurry til I put them on the computer. Sigh. O well. Cool huh? :) I like it. I used For Audrey from China Glaze and Electric from Revlon for the accent nail. I got some bratty comments from some foolish boys, but what do they know anyway. It wont stop me from doing this again, ha.


Monday, March 21, 2011

How To Do Your Makeup Like a Typical High School Girl

We are totally serious. TOTALLY. Enjoy and give us credit if you go to prom like this.

-Naomi and Rhi

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Month of Beauty...

First post in a while. I'm just going to put up pictures from the last month or so...

I did my hair for church one day and these were all the pins I used to do it. It took forever, ha.

My mom bought me this Shea Butter soap. Its supposed to help with dry skin. It is helping on my arms but not much on my legs. It smells wonderful! I love it. Its a good product.

I bought three colors of this Crackle Glaze from China Glaze. I bought it in Crushed Candy which the blue above. It is very similar to For Audrey from the same brand. I also bought Black Mesh and Cracked Concrete (I love the names, ha.) I have only tried Crushed Candy so far. Its really pretty. It needs to be applied quickly because it dries fast but its cool stuff. I did larger cracks here(over Rock Star from Sonia Kashuk), but you can also do small cracks if it is applied thin. It looks really cool!

Purple and gold from the Coastal Scents Metal Mania Palette. Love it.

Ok so I didn't actually have much to put up, but at least its something. Me and Rhiana will put up a video in the next few days and I'm hoping I'll be able to write a post about "accent nails" tomorrow.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

face & (temporary) nail of the day

I tried painting my nails and doing glitter as an accent, and... I loved it :D I totally stole this idea from makeupbytiffanyd, who is amazing at pretty much anything girly. Anyway, tonight's post is just going to be a short one of pictures. In honor of St. Patrick's Day (I almost always forget it, not this year), I did my makeup green and even wore a mostly green dress. I want to sort of get away from doing these sorts of makeup picture posts all the time, they're just the easiest and take the least time. Soon, I'll do one of a makeup collection. I'm hesitant about doing that because I don't really feel like I have all that much makeup- I only have one blush and I don't wear foundation or anything. I still also want to try doing picture tutorials that are helpful, as opposed to simple face of the days.
For eyeshadow, I used Coastal scents darker matte green and black, Mildew by Urban Decay and Woodwinked by Mac. Vanilla by Mac as a light high light.
For eyeliner, I used Rockstar and Zero from Urban Decay and a lime green from the CS Shimmer Palette. I also used a bit of Woodwinked on the inner half.
My lipstick choice wasn't the best- Kiss by Rimmel. It just made for sort of a sickly combination with my eyes- ah well.
OH! For nails, I applied three coats of Mini How High by Essie onto every nail except the ring fingers; I only applied two to them. On the ring fingers, I applied Gone Wishin' by Nicole by OPI. I really need a better glitter polish- this one is pretty, but so goopy.
Onto pictures... :)

...And one picture from before I cut my hair- this was actually the day of. -sigh-