Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Excessive Collection of Nail Polishes

(and I still don't have all the colors I want ahah.)

Well as the the title of this post says, I have purchased myself quite a large collection of nail polishes. I bought three over spring break, and my mom bought me five over the weekend (instead of getting a manicure for prom.) On to pictures :)

These are the ones I got over break. In order: No Spain No Gain from OPI, Mauve just from Forever 21, and Don't Mess With OPI from OPI, obviously.

And these: Fifth Avenue from China Glaze, Watermelon Watercolor from Finger Paints, Pretty as a Portrait from Finger Paints, Ancient Jade from Orly (This is my first polish from that brand. They spelled "ancient" wrong on the bottle. WOW.), and China Rouge from China Glaze.

They are all so pretty. So far I've only used Fifth Avenue but sadly forgot to take pictures before I started chipping them off... I'll paint them again tonight. I'm feeling Ancient Jade.

More pictures of pretty things I bought over the weekend.

Nail brushes from Sally Beauty, setting spray from Makeup Forever and two eyeliners. The blueish one is Flashy Green and the purple one is Wild Spirit. How pretty.

K time to be done. :)


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bad Makeup & Hair Throughout the Years

Okay so mainly, these are from our sophomore year, at the beginning, which is almost two years ago. (Enjoy these as much as I enjoyed finding them and teasing Naomi about it! Payback for the last post) I didn't really start caring about my appearance (as far as heat styling/makeup application goes) until then, and it's obvious that it took a while to click.
I'd like you to note a few things...

WOW. So a good rule: if you're going to cut your own hair, don't try to give yourself layers. I look like I'm wearing clip-in bangs. Cute face, too.

(oo girl, you work dat plaid)
I thought bangs would be a good idea. I was wrong. Not only wrong, but I hadn't done my hair that day. And black eyeliner all around the eye? Not my best look.

We were on a field trip. I'd like to point out that I had the smallest eyebrows known to mankind. (Not entirely my fault- they were waxed that way, I was young and impressionable and tweezed them to maintain that very tiny shape.) Take notice of the two poorly placed bobby pins, and the retainers. Cute! :)

It's sort of hard to see, but that is in fact the same shade of blue all over my lid with no eyeliner, just mascara. No primer and I don't know that I used a brush.

A fashion mishap I made often was wearing a jacket all of the time- particularly my freshman year. I wore the same plaid jacket (don't ask, please. I look so bad in plaid) every school day. I wish I had a picture, but in embarrassment, I think I've successfully destroyed every one that exists.

So even though these are some makeup/hair/all around moments I'm not the happiest with, it's nice to think I've made some sort of progress. (Wait until I see myself a year from now- haha.) At least now, I have normal eyebrows, a technique for eyeshadow and a bit of common sense- I no longer hack at my own hair.

Just a normal, neutral eye from a few weeks ago. Maybe this proves that I'm not totally hopeless. :)


Makeup and Hair for the Dance

Last weekend we went to a dance and didn't get many great pictures but there were a few where you can see our makeup and hair pretty well. Rhi pinned up my hair and it looked way pretty. Hope she doesn't get mad at these pictures. They aren't even bad, ha.

Rhihee. Her makeup looks sooo pretty!

Ahahaha I think this picture is so funny. Its the only one of me with my eyes closed and the only time my makeup looked cool that night... Sigh.

Ahaha best friends! I love that girl. That's all for now. Hope Rhi doesn't call me and scold me for the pictures. Have a good weekend everyone.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some New Goodies & Upcoming

As Naomi said in the last post (even though it was my turn! Little fool), we went shopping a little over a week ago and got some clothes and beauty stuff. I got two eyeshadows from Mac called Sable and Cranberry. I like both, but in all honesty, I think that Sable is really similar to Woodwinked, a shadow I already have. It has a close finish and the only difference is that Sable has more brown undertones. Ah well. I also got a lipstick, Viva Glam Gaga 2, an amplified creme. It's definitely nude! I like it but it needs to have a gloss over top. It is my first Mac lipstick and while it may not be the most flattering color on me personally, it applies really well and I plan on purchasing more. I also got three nail polishes, two from OPI and one from Forever 21. The OPI ones are Teenage Dream- a super sparkly polish with a slightly pink base from the Katy Perry collection and Ate Berries in the Canaries- a cool toned pink. The Forever 21 one is called Wine (if I remember correctly) and is a deep red brown. Onto pictures... :)

The nail polishes, from left to right: OPI Teenage Dream, Forever 21 polish in Wine, OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries.

Next, the products: going clockwise, Mac Sable, Mac Cranberry, Viva Glam Gaga 2 (where did that crack in the lipstick come from? :()

Some swatches (none over a base): Viva Glam Gaga (two or three swipes), Mac Sable, Mac Cranberry.

And just for comparison's sake, Sable is on top and Woodwinked is on the bottom.

I have some more Mac things coming in the mail, so after I get those and try them out, another review might be coming :) I need to start taking more pictures of my daily makeup. I'll try to post soon, finals and such are coming up so it might be difficult.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Product Reviews on My First Mac Purchases!

Over Spring Break me and Rhiana went to Flatirons Mall and they have a Mac counter there. I had always heard from Rhi and from beauty blogs that I'm always reading that Mac is really nice. Rhi convinced me to buy something beautiful while we were there (although the prices are outrageous!) and this is what I decided on:

I know this picture is bad, it was getting dark and still needed a picture. The brush is number 217. Me and Rhi talked about this brush for a little while (during gym. Our teacher wasn't happy that we were talking about the different functions of makeup brushes instead of practicing our backhands in tennis AHAHAHA) and we think it is meant to be a crease brush. The lady at the Mac counter said it was a really good brush and that you could pretty much use it for the whole eyelid. I've been using it for about a week and I like it a lot. It works well and holds a good amount of eyeshadow to work with. Its really big and soft too so it applies the shadow more evenly than my other brush. I like it. The eyeshadow is Fig. Its a matte purple. It is so pretty. The above picture is not really true to color :(. Here is a picture of one of the days I used it last week:
I dont like this picture of me (what is going on with my bangs?!) but it shows how pretty the purple is. Love it :). Here are some other looks I wore these last two weeks. I used my new brush for both of them.

Blue, black, and gray shadows from Coastal Scents. Ugh my skin. WOW it looks bad. You can see the improvement from this picture to the next one which was taken about a week after. I'm using a basic acne spot treatment and its working pretty well on my forehead and cheeks.

And this picture is from Sunday. I used purple, black, and silver from the Coastal Scents shimmer palette. I did my hair all fancy too. I'm thinking about doing this with my hair for the dance tomorrow. Should be fun.