Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Excessive Collection of Nail Polishes

(and I still don't have all the colors I want ahah.)

Well as the the title of this post says, I have purchased myself quite a large collection of nail polishes. I bought three over spring break, and my mom bought me five over the weekend (instead of getting a manicure for prom.) On to pictures :)

These are the ones I got over break. In order: No Spain No Gain from OPI, Mauve just from Forever 21, and Don't Mess With OPI from OPI, obviously.

And these: Fifth Avenue from China Glaze, Watermelon Watercolor from Finger Paints, Pretty as a Portrait from Finger Paints, Ancient Jade from Orly (This is my first polish from that brand. They spelled "ancient" wrong on the bottle. WOW.), and China Rouge from China Glaze.

They are all so pretty. So far I've only used Fifth Avenue but sadly forgot to take pictures before I started chipping them off... I'll paint them again tonight. I'm feeling Ancient Jade.

More pictures of pretty things I bought over the weekend.

Nail brushes from Sally Beauty, setting spray from Makeup Forever and two eyeliners. The blueish one is Flashy Green and the purple one is Wild Spirit. How pretty.

K time to be done. :)


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