Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bad Makeup & Hair Throughout the Years

Okay so mainly, these are from our sophomore year, at the beginning, which is almost two years ago. (Enjoy these as much as I enjoyed finding them and teasing Naomi about it! Payback for the last post) I didn't really start caring about my appearance (as far as heat styling/makeup application goes) until then, and it's obvious that it took a while to click.
I'd like you to note a few things...

WOW. So a good rule: if you're going to cut your own hair, don't try to give yourself layers. I look like I'm wearing clip-in bangs. Cute face, too.

(oo girl, you work dat plaid)
I thought bangs would be a good idea. I was wrong. Not only wrong, but I hadn't done my hair that day. And black eyeliner all around the eye? Not my best look.

We were on a field trip. I'd like to point out that I had the smallest eyebrows known to mankind. (Not entirely my fault- they were waxed that way, I was young and impressionable and tweezed them to maintain that very tiny shape.) Take notice of the two poorly placed bobby pins, and the retainers. Cute! :)

It's sort of hard to see, but that is in fact the same shade of blue all over my lid with no eyeliner, just mascara. No primer and I don't know that I used a brush.

A fashion mishap I made often was wearing a jacket all of the time- particularly my freshman year. I wore the same plaid jacket (don't ask, please. I look so bad in plaid) every school day. I wish I had a picture, but in embarrassment, I think I've successfully destroyed every one that exists.

So even though these are some makeup/hair/all around moments I'm not the happiest with, it's nice to think I've made some sort of progress. (Wait until I see myself a year from now- haha.) At least now, I have normal eyebrows, a technique for eyeshadow and a bit of common sense- I no longer hack at my own hair.

Just a normal, neutral eye from a few weeks ago. Maybe this proves that I'm not totally hopeless. :)


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