Friday, April 8, 2011

Product Reviews on My First Mac Purchases!

Over Spring Break me and Rhiana went to Flatirons Mall and they have a Mac counter there. I had always heard from Rhi and from beauty blogs that I'm always reading that Mac is really nice. Rhi convinced me to buy something beautiful while we were there (although the prices are outrageous!) and this is what I decided on:

I know this picture is bad, it was getting dark and still needed a picture. The brush is number 217. Me and Rhi talked about this brush for a little while (during gym. Our teacher wasn't happy that we were talking about the different functions of makeup brushes instead of practicing our backhands in tennis AHAHAHA) and we think it is meant to be a crease brush. The lady at the Mac counter said it was a really good brush and that you could pretty much use it for the whole eyelid. I've been using it for about a week and I like it a lot. It works well and holds a good amount of eyeshadow to work with. Its really big and soft too so it applies the shadow more evenly than my other brush. I like it. The eyeshadow is Fig. Its a matte purple. It is so pretty. The above picture is not really true to color :(. Here is a picture of one of the days I used it last week:
I dont like this picture of me (what is going on with my bangs?!) but it shows how pretty the purple is. Love it :). Here are some other looks I wore these last two weeks. I used my new brush for both of them.

Blue, black, and gray shadows from Coastal Scents. Ugh my skin. WOW it looks bad. You can see the improvement from this picture to the next one which was taken about a week after. I'm using a basic acne spot treatment and its working pretty well on my forehead and cheeks.

And this picture is from Sunday. I used purple, black, and silver from the Coastal Scents shimmer palette. I did my hair all fancy too. I'm thinking about doing this with my hair for the dance tomorrow. Should be fun.

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