Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Konad Tutorial

I ordered my Konad stamping kit several months ago and decided I need to finally write about it! I love it. It is really cool! It is kind of messy but easy to use and to prove it, I have a tutorial!

To use the Konad, you need a stamper, scraping tool, and design plates. I ordered a double sided stamper. The large side is great for all over design and the small end is good for small images. I also ordered six image plates to start out with: M65, M61, M57, M60, M63, and M71.

Onto the tutorial :)This manicure looks really similar to Sally Hansen Nail Effects in Misbehaved, which is what originally inspired me.

1. Clean and prep nails as usual. Apply a base coat if desired, and let it dry. Apply 2-3 coats of a base color. This is the color that will show through the Konad print. This is two coats of one of my favorites, Orly Rage.

2. Make sure all Konad tools are cleaned with non acetone nail polish remover and cotton swabs. Place the stamping plate on a paper towel, because it gets really messy. Use a thick nail polish and paint it over the design that you want to use. The company will try to tell you that this only works with their "special polish" but this is not true. Any nail polish will work of it is medium to thick consistency. For this manicure I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and Konad plate M57.

3. Use the scraping tool and slide it across the image that you want to stamp to scrape away the excess nail polish.

4. Use the stamping tool and roll it across the image to pick it up. This step must be done quickly or the polish will dry and the stamper will not pick it up.

5. After aiming the stamper, roll it across the nail to transfer the image.

6. Clean up around the edges with polish remover and a cotton swab, apply a top coat, and thats it! Messy but so cool! And so easy to do :)

I really do love it. I have had the opportunity to do this on several other girl's nails and it is a lot of fun. I want more image plates from both Konad and Bundle Monster. Christmas!

Hope this is helpful!


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