Friday, January 6, 2012

Beauty Resolutions 2011

I'm a little late in posting this, but I'm not big on "new year" changes anyway- I'm of the group that believes that changes can be made any time, regardless of the date. Anyway though, I have some bad habits I'd like to break that involve beauty.--

1) I've got to stop chipping my nail polish off. This is my first one for a reason; it is easily my biggest problem. For as long as I can remember (even as a little girl), every single time my nails have been painted, I pick it off. I'm such a perfectionist about my nails that I just can't keep polish on, no matter how much time I spend on it. If I'm stressed or bored and my nails are painted, they will soon be destroyed. I own a ton of polish, and as Naomi always tells me, it's going to waste because of this habit. So... I almost hate to write it, because it might be a promise broken. But. I am going to try to stop picking my nail polish off.

2) I'm going to exercise daily or at least every other day. As is the consensus, a healthy body makes for a more attractive person. Plus, I have a lot of steam to burn, and it makes me feel better.

3) I'm going to try more new things with my makeup. I love doing my eye shadow, truly. I have no problem making time for it, but sometimes I find myself getting stuck in a rut. I have difficulty finding styles I like that will flatter my weird eye shape, so I end up doing the same neutral eye frequently. When I first got into makeup, I was all for experimenting. I want to go back to that! :)

4) I want to be more well-rounded in my collections. I get really into one color of nail polish, or really into one style of clothing, and lately, I haven't been buying much new makeup at all. I have a lot of eye shadow, and that's about it. Until I can save some money to buy some other things, I need to stop adding to my nail polish collection (especially if it's a deep purple), and buying shirts/jackets/cardigans.

Does anybody else have any resolutions? I don't make personal ones, but if I did, I guess I would want to finish my last semester of high school with straight As, and enjoy the things around me more. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'd love to do a fashion post next- it's easily the most neglected aspect of this blog.


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