Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Importance of Eyebrows

I'm a big fat blogging failure, I know :( I don't have an excuse really, except that maybe beauty blogging isn't my forte. Anyway though, today I wanted to do a post on maybe the most important beauty-related thing to me: eyebrows.
In about third grade, I started becoming acutely aware of how bushy my eyebrows were. I had a bit of a unibrow, and I would beg and beg my mother to let me get them waxed. She wouldn't let me, so I would do things like clip them with nail clippers (not kidding, and yes it was bad). She finally gave in when I was 10 or so, and I was so much happier. It wasn't a super frequent thing, but I was no longer The Girl with the Unibrow. Then, the summer before my sophomore year, I got them waxed, and the girl made them extremely tiny. I didn't know much, so I kept them that way- I tweezed them to have a big start and a very small middle section and tail. Here's proof:

I did this all through 10th grade, despite how rude (or so it seemed) my family often was. Comments like "you look like you do drugs," or even "what's wrong with your eyebrows?" only made me like tweezers more. Finally, that summer, I was starting to get into makeup and realizing more about eye shapes and what brows can do for the face. It was a painful, patchy process, but they slowly grew out over the summer months. Luckily for me, my eyebrows grow really fast- I've heard stories of the hair never growing back the same once they've been plucked/waxed/whatever enough. Once they grew back in sufficiently, I just let them be and never really did anything. Then, this year, I started realizing that I looked a bit like my third grave cavegirl self, and I started filling them in for a more clean look. And now, even if I'm wearing no other makeup but am still going out, I'll fill my eyebrows in. Here's a picture of my current brows:

Not anything too spectacular, but for my large eyes, big brows are necessary. To fill them in, I use an eyeshadow about 4 shades lighter than my hair, and sometimes, a wax pencil from Revlon that I'm not overly impressed with. I use an angled brush and light, feathery strokes.
I really do believe eyebrows can have the most effect on a face, whether that be good or bad. Now, I don't let anybody but me near my brows, and I've been happier for it. I still tweeze every day, because for reasons unknown to me, my eyebrow hair grows at an extraordinary rate, unlike the hair on my head. I just go with the natural shape though.
If you're 15 or younger, I'd say ask somebody you trust to help you, or watch videos on it. If you can find somebody at a salon you like, fine- just make sure they know what you want or what would truly look best on you. A person's natural brow shape, following the bone structure is typically most flattering. Unfortunately, that's different for everyone, which is what makes eyebrows so tricky and such a personal thing. Babies don't really have eyebrows, which is what makes their heads look so large and their faces so young. If you look at photoshopped pictures of people without eyebrows, it really is weird and sort of alien-like.
Anyway though, it's almost summer! With the hot weather we've been having, expect more outfit pictures. I also got a friend ready for prom, so I'd like to do a post on that. Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)


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