Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Clothes

With college approaching in only a few short months (well 6 but time is passing so quickly!), I have started shopping for new clothes. Rhiana offered to take some pictures for our blog and I thought it was a great idea. I was kinda nervous about it, but Rhi helped me put together some outfits and the pictures turned out pretty cool. We went to an old abandoned grain factory right here in our little town!

Tank: Target; cardigan: Wet Seal; belt: thrifted; shorts: So from Kohl's; shoes: Soda; necklace: Forever 21.

I am so pale :(. Rhiana took this cool picture below!!

Tank: American Eagle; denim jacket: Forever 21; skirt: Lapis; shoes: Target; necklace: Forever 21.

Broken furniture makes for cool pictures haha.

Click this one to enlarge it :)

I curled my hair and did brown and green eye makeup. :)

I almost forgot a funny one. This is me about to take off in flight... something I have started doing that makes Rhi so crazy hahahah. ;)

I really enjoyed doing this and I hope Rhiana and I will do it more often. Hope everyone is having a good week. Break is almost over :( but the weather is warming up!


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