Saturday, February 25, 2012

Personal Style

Finally, the post I've been meaning to do for about a million years! Naomi and I talked for a long time about taking pictures, and this weekend, we committed to finding a cute location (no easy feat, mind you), and the willpower to stick to it. She took pictures, and I picked out a few of my outfits. I really liked doing this, and am planning on doing it again sometime soon. Enjoy, and like always, don't mind my awkward poses! :)

First, my makeup. Just a shimmery gold eye with thick black liquid liner and gold underneath. I am never satisfied with a picture of just my face, hence all the eye shut pictures.

Shirt: Victoria's Secret; jeans: American Eagle; shoes: Vans; bracelet- gift from Naomi, necklace: gift (jewelry is same in all pictures); sunglasses: Fossil, from either Macy's or Nordstrom, I can't remember; belt: American Eagle.

Only difference is that my shirt is from Target :)

...And here's a picture of me holding a stick. I should model, yeah? :)
Nails in all pictures: OPI's Are we there yet?

Tank top: American Eagle; cardigan: American Eagle; jeans: Charlotte Russe; shoes: Sperry topsiders; belt: American Eagle.

I've had my purse since the summer, I got it at a tiny gift shop that I don't remember the name of :/

I get a lot of my clothes from American Eagle (their jeans are really good for petite girls!), and I wear a ton of white. I promise I don't always roll my jeans, but I like to do that too. I guess I also wear shoes without socks a lot (I know, ewww), but in my defense: I hate socks. I dress differently from a lot of girls in my town- leggings and boots are really popular. While I don't have every single thing I want (a blazer, for instance), I am mostly happy with my style. I might do a post on things I've learned about petite shopping- at only 5'2ish, it has taken me a long time to figure out what (sort of) works. Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend! Now that I got this post out of the way (for some reason, I avoided it like the plague), I have a lot of ideas! :)


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  1. you are so adorable! keep blogging!