Friday, December 31, 2010


False eyelashes can be really cool and create a unique and sometimes unusual look. I love them. They have been one of my latest favorite things to look up. Here are some cool ones I found.

Love them! But I have seen people make or use falsies that are trashy looking or just completely disgusting. For example:

Ahaha the captions for this picture and others like it say, "False eyelashes or feather dusters?" and "Quick blinking may result in unexpected lift-off."

The caption: "I remember almost laughing when these models came out wearing fake eyelashes that were big enough to be mistaken as fly swatters." Huh speaking of flies...

These are flylashes. Disgusting right? These false eyelashes are made from real fly legs. The caption? "The Most Disgusting False Eyelashes EVER - One Makeup Artist's Revolting Method." This is absolutely sick in so many ways. First, that is so unsanitary. Flies carry diseases and its not like they were cleaned before they were applied. How could you clean bug legs anyway? Plus is this supposed to look artsy? And where did she come up with this idea. And does she just catch and kill flies and then pluck their disease ridden legs off one by one? Where does she store them? Ew this is so sick. I'm going to finish this post, I'm sick of looking at this picture.


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