Friday, December 31, 2010


I did this look for two days in a row. I really like that red-brown color. I used the Coastal Scents shimmer palette for eyeshadow and a brown eyeliner pencil just from Maybelline. I filled in my eyebrows with a light brown eyeliner pencil (from NYC, which is a cheap brand but it doesn't need to be great quality for filling in eyebrows, ha) and a light brown shadow (Maybelline) with a thin eyeliner brush. I find that mascara doesn't have to be really nice or expensive to work. It should be from a decent quality brand but don't spend too much money when you can achieve a similar look with a cheaper mascara. I would never buy a mascara over 8 dollars. I use Full 'N Soft from Maybelline. As long as an eyelash curler is used, it usually ends up looking pretty good. For lips I used a dark red, then layered it with a brighter red. The picture was not true to color though, sigh. It looks pink. No lip liner... I'll add that to my shopping list.


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