Monday, May 23, 2011

My Birthday and Some Thrift Store Purchases

This post will definitely be mostly pictures of birthday gifts and a few cute things I picked up from the Arc today :) (and a few awful things that I hope no one would ever purchase for themselves or anyone else...)

The perfect summer bag! Its so cute. And my favorite magazine, Elle. Getting my subscription tomorrow! :)

:). In order: Sun Kissed from Sally Hansen, Timbleberry from Sinful Colors, French Affair from Essie, and Sand Tropez from Essie. Soon after I took this picture, I walked outside to get more light and dropped Sand Tropez :(. It shattered and spilled all over (not in the house thankfully!) But I'm really bummed. It was the last one they had at Target when I picked it out so I hope they restock it. I'm going to buy it again.

I dont know why this freaking picture wont rotate but its the Sara Bareilles CD, Taylor Swift CD, an adorable case for my iPod and an iTunes gift card.

My makeup for church that day. Neutral eye and orange lips. My sister bought me Siren from Revlon and I love it!

My thrift store purchases. The best deal was the Converse. They were only 4 bucks and they are in great shape!And they needed laces but I bought some already :).

And then there were these... Suction cup shirts and velcro tops, hot!

Thats it for now :). Had a good birthday.



  1. i love those essie nail polish colours. i love your blog! its so cool :) im following you guys, follow back? x

  2. NAOMI!!!! I found this super cute picture of make-up picture, i think you will love it, here is the link i found it on!

    I know it is super long but the there are 3 pics on it and the second one is the make up. Its kinda bright but really cute!