Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: Mac 217 & 219

I mentioned in a blog post a while back that I had some Mac purchases on the way. I was referring to two brushes (and brush cleaner); specifically, Mac 217 and Mac 219. Both are well known and have received a lot of praise. I can't really disagree, they are two of the best brushes I've ever owned. I can't wait to get more- next on my list are the flat shader brush (239) and highlight brush (227 I believe). Onto pictures...

MAC 217:

The 217. A fluffy, large brush that is less rounded than normal blending brushes. It is dense enough to apply a gradient of color and soft enough to blend. This is, in my opinion, a must-have for anybody who has a genuine interest in makeup. It is pricey, at over $20, so I wouldn't recommend it if the buyer won't utilize it often, or is just beginning with makeup. This brush has become a part of my everyday eyeshadow process, no matter which colors I use.

MAC 219:

I couldn't get a good close up of this brush for the life of me, but it's basically a pencil brush. This is ideal for packing on color into the crease, inner corner or under the eye. I use it mainly to apply dark shadow onto my outer V, and to blend eyeliner. It picks up an amazing amount of color and allows for a lot of control with its dense, pointed shape. I would recommend it for those who like a smokier eyeshadow look.

All in all, these brushes have made doing my makeup even more enjoyable. I now know what I was missing! :) My main gripe is that they get dirty so quickly, especially the 219. (As you can easily see in my pictures...) They are expensive, but an investment in something durable and quality-made is worth it to me.
Would it be helpful for me to do reviews on other, cheaper brushes that I own? I don't really have face brushes, but I do have a lot of eye brushes.
Have a good day! More posts coming soon :)


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