Monday, June 13, 2011

recent makeup & a latest obsession

First, just some pictures of makeup within the last month or so (I know, I've been so bad about taking pictures and updating... :/) The green is my most recent, and in my defense, I haven't been doing my makeup often at all. I really liked it for the color- I've been in such a neutral block that it was nice to experiment. I feel like it's this way for a lot of girls- getting so into makeup and wild color and then starting to only wear browns. I got the Naked palette by Urban Decay recently, and I love it :) post on that coming up soon, but I was tired of doing product reviews. The three different looks pictured are a cranberry shimmer look (Mac's Cranberry was the star of this show), which was the longest ago; a brown neutral (CS matte palette- I was a fan of this look) and the green summer-y look (mix of CS matte/shimmer palettes and the colors Virgin and Darkhorse from the UD palette.) Be warned, there's a lot of pictures, mostly of my eyes way up close, since I rarely get a good shot of my whole face. Lip colors were either Viva Glam Gaga II or Rimmel Kiss, blush in the green look was NYX Mocha. Whew, that was a lot of boring typing.
Onto pictures. . .

cranberry eyes

brown neutral eyes

and the one with the most pictures- green eyes

My forehead looks so big here, and in most pictures. Pretty sure this isn't a real life thing. I hope.

So there you have it, my most recent makeup pictures. I miss doing my makeup, I'm going to try to get more into it.
And for the mini latest obsession- toe rings! I should take some pictures of my cheap but super cute finds :) they make even my pudgy little toes bearable. I love them! I think on my list of posts-I-really-need-to-do is a fashion post- something I have been getting way more in to.
I'll try to post again, soon! :)
Hope everyone had a great Monday,


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