Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Makeup Pet Peeves & My Secret Wonderland Craze

A lot of things I see drive me crazy. If I could do the makeup of every single girl in the universe, I would. I'll just focus on mascara related peeves for now, maybe this can be a little series of (makeup-related) things that make me insane.

1.) When girls use eyelash curlers that are covered in dry mascara. EW!!!!! You're really going to put that on your eye? You might as well bathe your eye in sewer water. How hard is it to take a little q-tip and wipe off your eye gunk?

2.) In conjunction with gunk that needs to be wiped off is mascara on the eyelids. Again with the q-tip thing. They're not a rare item by any means, and you can literally buy them by the box, in the hundreds. If you don't have one? Ask me, or anybody who looks in the mirror. We will all be more than happy to help.

3.) Horns for eyelashes. Take a brush and pull through your lashes. Does it feel great? No. But neither do clumps of lashes. It kind of goes against nature.

And now for Secret Wonderland...

A scent described as being a blend of "luscious strawberry, frosted jasmine petals and white amber". Where the frosted comes in I'm not sure, but this smells amazing.

:D First is the body butter. This one was my first ever from Bath and Body Works, and I love it. I was scared that it might make my skin break out because of the scent and how heavy it is, but it hasn't so far.

I have the regular lotion and body spray as well. I love the lotion and use it every day before gym, it makes that experience slightly more bearable. The spray is nice too, but I can't really smell it after 10 minutes or so. I wear it with perfume though, so maybe that's why.


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