Saturday, January 29, 2011

Face of the Night

Last Thursday, I had something to go to, and they told us to dress nicely. Normally, I don't wear red lips. Like I told Michael, it's sort of like a beacon on my face. I decided to try it for the night, and it turned out okay. I want an actual red lipstick; I was forced to use that stain that I don't really like. For my eyes that I had worn to school, I blended a deep red with brown and gold, with mostly Coastal Scents colors. It took me a long time, but it lasted all day and I liked it. I've always envied those who can pull off red lipstick easily, I think it's beautiful in a timeless way. Onto pictures...

Sorry for the poor quality, it was night time and my camera doesn't seem to cooperate well then. Oh, also: for my hair, I used about a billion bobby pins and just pinned like crazy, sort of like Naomi. It looked alright, I think I should have also curled my whole head first.
Have a good weekend :)


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