Friday, January 28, 2011

Last Weekends Makeup

These pictures were from last weekend but I never got to post so I'm putting them up now. These first two are from last Saturday. I love the way my eyes turned out (but I wish my skin looked better ugh, my stupid forehead.) I used a brownish purple color for the outer half and the crease, and a light gold color (O I love it) for the inside half (both from the Coastal Scents Metal Mania palette.) I used a purple eyeliner pencil on the bottom lash line and black on the top. The mascara is just Full N Soft from Maybelline.

These next few pictures are from Sunday (and I hate that my bra strap can be seen.) I decided on a light eye and dramatic lips. I used a tan color in the crease and a shimmery white on the lid. Lined with brown and same mascara as always. My lips took me 15 minutes and although it looked pretty good, it wore off kind of quickly and it totally dried out my lips ugh. I used a dark purpley red lip color first and then covered it with a bright red. It took a lot of blending but it turned out pretty good. I'm going to get some new lip colors tomorrow. :) I think my hair was my favorite part of this look. I curled all of it and then pinned it up with bobby pins that are like four inches long. I really liked the way it looked (although the pinning took like ten minutes and curling it took like 40, sheesh.)

More to come this weekend. Hopefully getting more lip colors and the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer I've been dying for! :D


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